About Me

Welcome to my world of photography, a realm where art, environment, and technology merge seamlessly. Serving as a software project manager for international teams has honed my ability to manage complex processes and bring together people from diverse backgrounds. This expertise is especially invaluable when organising intricate, large-scale shoots, ensuring every nuance aligns perfectly.

I have a penchant for outdoor photography. Nature provides an ever-evolving backdrop, and I revel in the challenge of capturing the interplay of light and shadow. Each setting is an opportunity to seize the fleeting emotions of a moment, crafting visuals that resonate with depth and authenticity.
I'm honored to be a workshop instructor at Leica — a brand that embodies excellence in photography. This affiliation allows me to merge technical precision with my passion for the outdoors and creative expression.

Working with gifted dancers and models has been a journey of collaboration, where we jointly push boundaries to create striking visual stories.

I invite you to explore my portfolio, where each image is a testament to my love for the outdoors and the stories they allow me to tell. Whether you're keen on a collaboration or are interested in attending a workshop, I'd love to connect.
+41 78 800 13 95
Gastreferenten bei Leica Akademie Schweiz.
My pictures are part of MOB journal (issue #11), also the front cover was chosen. 
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