About Me
Step into my world of photography, where art, elegance, and emotion intertwine to create powerful visual narratives. With a background in collaborating with professional dancers and increasingly partnering with fashion designers, I specialize in presenting objects and designs with a unique blend of sophistication and strength.
My goal is to evoke emotion and captivate the observer, seamlessly incorporating both photography and video to create immersive experiences. Whether it's capturing the grace of a dancer's movement or showcasing the intricate details of a designer's creations, each project is infused with creativity and passion.
I'm passionate about collaboration and thrive on working with designers and artists to co-create art that pushes boundaries and inspires. Together, we can explore new avenues of expression and bring bold visions to life.
If you're a designer or artist looking to collaborate on a project that combines elegance, strength, and emotional resonance, I invite you to reach out and join me on this journey of artistic exploration.
Let's create art that leaves a lasting impression and sparks imagination. Get in touch, and let's make magic together.
+41 78 800 13 95
My pictures are part of MOB journal (issue #11), also the front cover was chosen. 
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